Scored v7.1

An easy to use app to help you keep score of almost any game you play.

This app is great for keeping score of those regular Friday night card games, your child's high school basketball games, or almost any game that involves a score keeper.

You can:
  • add as many individuals or teams as you need
  • add or subtract a score, and save the new score
  • reset all scores to a specified score
  • add photos of teams or individuals
  • display who is winning
  • sort players by score or name
  • choose whether the high score or the low score is winning
  • email your scores to your friends as a reminder of who won
  • use the countdown timer for games with timed rounds
  • save games in the "history" tab for future reference
It always tells you who is winning!

Scored is an active development. New features are always in the works.

Click here to view the page on how to use Scored.

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